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Default Re: tactical issue

guys, im talking about turn 10 here. i was no where near any of those spells. well, if i had been really working at it, i might have been near them, but i was woring constuction, was gonna try to mass thugs. a lot of good suggestions, but i think with my magic and my situation(i made it myself, dumb mistake attacking someone cus scouts say they are weak, when most of their best units can't be seen by scouts) i was pretty doomed.

thanks tho. i really gotta get better at magic. i mostly just like to be ulm and go heavy or LA ermor and try to build 10,000 unit armies before everyone kills me. either way, i suck in MP when it gets into late game(and usually before). i find the whole magic system a little confusing, but then again, i never really gave it much effort.
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