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Originally Posted by Edi View Post
Glamour gives Mirror Image, so it should work well against arrows, i'd expect? And those glamorous units can cast Air Shield.

Awe is another thing. Arrows are great against Awe/Fear units.
IIRC, mirror image breaks as soon as one hit lands on the "right" guy, no matter whether the hit does damage or not. Air shield is checked after a projectile has hit, IIRC.

I think what Edi means is: recruit tons of cheapo slingers/bowmen to remove the mirror images first thing, then send in real troops in to kill the now un-glamoured units.

Easier that way than simply massing infantry, because those have to pass defence before the mirror image check is made and Vans typically have really high defence.


Ethereal/Mistform is trickier to counter early though.
I'd say go Evoc ASAP for Star Fires, then Gifts From Heaven (you probably want to be able to Communion before really using the latter though). Forget Blade Wind, it doesn't count as a magic attack and as such isn't any better a breaking through than a gaggle of bowmen (and it's nixed by Air Shield anyway).

Another idea could be getting Thaum 1 first for Farstrike: it's more precise than Star Fires, longer ranged, barely costs any fatigue and does quite a bit of damage. I'm not positive it counts as a magic attack however - better check it in SP first.
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