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Default Re: Positional Awareness

Originally Posted by bbz View Post
The other option is to attack his province but I find it as a fifty-fifty chance, but every time I do they seem to get lucky and move their army first taking my province C and moving futher in my territories raiding me(and annoying me), so that option feels a bit useless.
Just to be clear, in this situation the AI is only being lucky in choosing to attack C, not in moving first.

Movement is resolved first.
If he attacks from B->C and you attack from A->B, both moves will always complete and you will fight in B and him in C.

You cannot get lucky and catch a moving army before it moves. All you can do is attack the province it's moving into (A->C and B->C) or meet it when it attacks the same province you're attacking from (A->B and B->A)
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