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Default Re: Positional Awareness

Originally Posted by thejeff View Post

Movement is resolved first.
If he attacks from B->C and you attack from A->B, both moves will always complete and you will fight in B and him in C.

You cannot get lucky and catch a moving army before it moves. All you can do is attack the province it's moving into (A->C and B->C) or meet it when it attacks the same province you're attacking from (A->B and B->A)
Is that sure?
I understood the manual to explain it different. What is the advantage then of calculating moves into friendly territory first?
If this is correct it would very much change my tactics in taking enemy provinces. Atm I usually go back to one of my own provinces to ensure I am not caught in the move, that wouldn't be necessary.
And what about armies attacking from different provinces. Will they always fight together? I am almost sure I have seen otherwise, one army being intercepted and not reaching the destination.
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