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Fallout Sub wanted for A lEArning experience

It's a newbie game on turn 55: EA with CBM 1.92. Currently our schedule is nice and slow at 60 hours.

The llamaserver page is here. And this here's the forum thread.

Until recently, Agartha seemed poised for domination, leading in all graphs expcept army size, where my maenad hordes dwarfed everybody else.

They were trouncing previous leader TC handily until those maenad hordes marched, catching the Pale Ones unprepared. Apparently due to a combination of frustration and real life stress, the player has abscondified.

It seems Agartha is doomed, yet they still lead in research, and have two powerful gem-genning globals up.

Can you turn back the tide, free the Agarthan homeland and plunge the world above into soothing darkness? Epic battles like this one await:

Here are the graphs. Contact me or Adam J, the current admin, if you're interested.

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