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Default Re: Some basic questions

1) death can work if you can leverage the end game lack of cash into quicker early game growth, or can just use summons late game.

2) There was some info on the old wiki. Sadly it is dead for now.

3) Imho rainbows are overrated. Your pretender can do only one thing each round. So it can be hard for them to sitesearch + use all their paths. But some weakness compensation is a viable strat. (Getting dwarven hammers for example, if you play vanilla, or summoning other mages of a specific path (the troll king has earth 3 for example)

4) that is pretty complex. Normally fatigue is not deadly in itself. But if you have a communion the slaves can get killed by the masters casting spells. And yeah you script with fatigue in mind. Communions (and sabbaths, which are the same thing, and work in the same way (And can be combined)) are vital for some nations, and really powerful. Experiment with it.

5) yeah there are. Sadly I have no clue atm which are the hard nations. EA an MA agartha. CBM tries to give them some options at least.
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