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Originally Posted by Karagin View Post
Originally Posted by Isto View Post
Always go overboard withanything. Nuclear payload drones is the way to go.
Or that other genie in a bottle...the bio-chem side of the triad.
The bio-chem triad makes me wonder how many people are walking the earth that have no humanity. Oh, their alive biologically, but don't forget the saying "man doesn't live on water alone." Someday there will be little ity-bity drones that's hardly detectible infiltrating your home. Think of all the government controlled cameras that's already in use. I think the Constitution is dead. What a waist. The feds have violated human rights left and right, there's no reason to think they will stop. It seems like people get in trouble when they try do anything about it, two impeachment attempts already for Trump, and he didn't even commit a crime, that's the whole reason why impeachments are in place anyway, incase the president commits a crime, not because he offended somebody. You think the internet is giving communists around the world a means to mess with the American way of life? Kind of like a drive through. Don't think that communists or people in general can't use computers to influence the world the way they see fit, after all computers can make billions of calculations per second and orders can be issued at the speed of electricity. Depending on the way you look at it, America has been under siege for years. I guess nobody can do any thing about it because it would start WWIII and cost at least trillions of dollars to fix, if not national treasures. I declare we eliminate all military bases not in America, after all we were strongest when we were an isolationist country like the time before WWI and WWII. We were twice as strong as any country on earth then, in fact we were so strong that we hardly needed an army. We were privileged to be the greatest country on the planet, now there's signs and more signs telling you can't do this and you can't do that. Whatever happened to the saying "give me liberty or give me death"?

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