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Default Re: winSPMBT version 10.0 - 15.0 Consolidation patch

Originally Posted by DRG View Post

* When editing weapons data in the game editor for any of the four weapons a unit uses, the weapon number of the current weapon now appears when you click on the weapon button. Anyone who has tried to edit weapons data in a scenario in the past will know how much simpler this makes the whole process as in the past the only way to know what weapon # was used was to check the unit in MOBHack and it slowed or discouraged that kind of editing which was normally used to adjust the ammo count. The entire process is much simpler now.
* The Sound used by the weapon is now the final item shown. It would be rare to use it but it is now available and the existing sound # will show when you get to it. You will need to have knowledge of the existing sounds in the game however.

4/ Armoured cars that were capable of carrying passengers inside will now protect passengers in the same was an APC does. Previously the code considered them to be outside on the hull.

* Defending engineer infantry will now only clear mines, barbed wire and dragons teeth if they physically enter the hex containing them in order to allow defending engineers to sit just behind the defences without clearing their own defences. It has been a small anoyance for years that if you placed your own engineers just behind your defences they would start clearing them. They still can but when in the defence but now Enginners must enter a mined / Barbed wire/ dragons teeth hex to dismantle their own defences. In the defence they can no longer do that from one hex away.
These three changes alone make this years patch a "must have".
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