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Default Re: Install ok - Display Problem with NVidia GEForce GTX 1650

An update on this, first I mistakenly noted my display as 1650x1080 when it is actually 1680x1050. This is a 15 year old LG L226WT monitor and that combined with the NVidia GEForce GTX 1650 may be where the problem comes from.

I have continued trying different settings, I had tried GDI in Windowed Mode and it would only work in the lower display settings like Direct X. Couldn't remember if I had tried it in Full Screen so I tried that at 1680x1050 and got the same mess as I did with Direct X with the menu displayed slanted and in two pieces. Tried it again at Desktop setting and it loaded ok tthe same as under Direct X. I'm not sure why this happens as my Desktop setting is 1680x1050.

In any case I started playing the same saved battle I had been using with Direct X. I've now played a full turn of a large battle against the AI as a test and it did not crash on any of 3 turns I have completed. Previously using Direct X I never managed to complete a whole turn of the same battle without the screen minimizing on me and losing any part of the turn since the last time I saved it as the screen came back a mess and the hotkeys didn't work.

Not positive it's fixed but looks good so far and if I can go back to saving at the end of every turn instead of every few moves I will be happy.

As an aside I tried to edit my original post to change the title but I just get the spinning wheel when I hit edit, let it sit there for 10 minutes and nothing happened.
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