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Default NSV-12.7 HE Penetration (multiple nations)

I'm a new gamer to this and I have to say I love playing this game. However, one detail caught my eye.

Finnish army site ( boldly states in equipment information about NSV-12.7 (translation after):
Lentokoneiden ja helikoptereiden panssaroinnin kehittyminen on johtanut myös ilmatorjuntakonekiväärien ampumatarvikkeiden kehittelyyn. Yleisemmin käytetyt panssaripatruunat läpäisevät noin kaksi senttimetriä terästä. Kuljetuspanssarivaunu kyetään läpäisemään kilometrin etäisyydeltä kaikista suunnista. Patruunoiden valojuovat helpottavat tähtäämistä ja aseen suuntaamista pitkiä sarjoja ammuttaessa.
In english (sorry about translation errors if any):
Improvements in the armoring of planes and helicopters has also lead to development of more advanced AAMG ammunition. The most common AP bullets penetrate about two cm of steel. A armoured personnel carrier (or IFVs?) can be penetrated from 1000 meters from every direction. Tracer rounds make the aiming and directing easier when shooting long bursts.
Most probably the NSVs of the world are using Russian ammunition in them and probably that improved ammunition FDF is talking about. During my conscript service there wasn't such penetration in the bullets (I checked my conscript notes on NSV-12.7) but instead the penetration of up to 1 cm of solid steel was mentioned.

The FDF site English section is lagging behind in equipment lists, but however there are some updates which hadn't made it to the official OOB - though they are in the inofficial experimental OOB made by Zipuli.
Other changes I've found that didn't make it to the main OOB:

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