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Default Looking for active players to launch a campaign

Hi fellas!
After some hiatus on something bigger I am in proces of preparing a campaign for SPWW2. I am testing this concept with my friend and so far it looks promising.
I would however give you details probably no earlier than in ~2 months.
Still, I would be looking for at least 2 players who:
- Have good playing tempo (preffered 1-2 turns per day)
- Have basic understanding of operational warfare, as certain movements and battles will be taking place outside SPWW2, on hexed strategic map and often in-game battles will be fought against impossible odds
- Are good with all scenario sizes
- Are stable - this campaign will probably be a go for several months with lots of battles
- Optional, but warmly welcome: has different means of communications, preferably voice. It will ease up some activities regarding planning, as well as it is much better for dogfighting mechanics that will resemble tabletop roleplaying game

Whoever played my Tales of Cold Spring 1989 couple years ago should roughly know what I mean. But this one will be rather different, yet there will be certain resemblances.

Anyone interested, let me know here, preferably publically, eventually on PM.
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