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Default Re: Looking for active players to launch a campaign

It will be all Player vs. Player, two teams, Allied and Axis, cooperating on their own on tactical map in order to plan and execute the battles that will be solved in SPWW2.

It will be based on real life ORBATs of forces involved in those battles. That mans often one side will fight a battle that cannot be won, but that side would then be fighting to gain time or to inflict casualties on superior enemy, as replacements are much limited and are close to zero.

Examples of ORBATs of the current test (the Sonnenbluhme) can be seen in post #2 and #3 here. Linking the Polish as Google Translate fails to open the "show" buttons to expand the units (but put it through Translate if you need):

Here is the example of my simplified tactical map - we are several battles into this campaign now:
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