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Default Re: Looking for active players to launch a campaign

Hmm, so far Weasel in unresponsive, I am also a little bit worried that Blitz forums have no [spoiler] script, that allows to hide content. This is useful since this campaign has rather bigger than smaller ORBAT that is listed down to a single company, thus it is a bit of a problem to show you the ORBAT in decent, easy to use way.

In worst case scenario, would you accept going to my place? Simple forums for planning and reference could be created.
I am linking you to how precisely it looks on test campaign so far, there is a single thread covering the ORBATs in non-editable and editable way, and there are the posts covering particular engagement results:

Of course your campaign would all be handled in English, top to bottom.
Note that eg. Australian 9th Infantry Division has its divisional symbol and actual division is put in [spoiler] brackets, so that it takes little space and makes the ORBAT post quite easy to read. Under the spoiler you often have further spoilers closing the brigades/regiments of the divisions.

Of course the alternative is to wait for Blitz decisive fellas' decision, I can also provide you ORBAT in differente threads for clarity, just as it was with my last campaign years ago.

Other good news are I have found a possible tool of use to simplify planning over Google Drawings. Google Drawins are super easy to play, but they can also be super annoying, particularly because you cannot attack text to entity, what causes us minor problems when moving around lots of units (you are REALLY cursing on this, trust me).

Let me know what do you think and if it is acceptable for you.
Out of other news, I do have formal intro and invitation ready, ORBATs are halfway there, so is the map, so most formalities could be closed in February.
Perfect number of players would be roughly 5vs5 given the big size of the campaign, but we have certains tools that allow bigger battles go faster than usual.
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