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Default Re: Game,HoC - House of Chains. Non NewB. Submit Pretenders

Originally Posted by Executor View Post
Originally Posted by Corinthian View Post
Soo. I take it we did not use my idea of manually placing starting positions on the map? Because I do *NOT* envy the guy who have to pick a year 1 war with Executor in a couple of turns due to a terribad starting position and having no other choice.

Anyway, whoever started in the south west or the south east corner better identify themselves now so that we can HATE YOU FOREVER!
That's some quick scouting there Cor! How the heck did you run into my neighbor before even I did, especially given his start position?
You of all people should know the power of Ermorian Theurgs, Executor! They can speak with the dead and have even developed an artifact known as the "Score Graph"! If you chant the right words and cross your eyes just so, it can reveal all manner of exotic information. (Hint: There is only one Fountain of Rubies on this map.)

Good luck with that Stegadon invasion you have going on there. That should be some bumfight. Normally I'd say that tramplers would have an advantage vs heavy infantry. But just about every troop type that Itza got is coldblooded and the dwarves like their dominion cold. Also we are heading for winter. The dwarves should have problem invading Itza and Itza should have problems invading the dwarves. But they must fight. THEY MUST!

As for how I knew the two of were there, I will give you another hint: (Look closely at your capitol. You have a very special capitol.)
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