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Default Odd Adventures In Infinite Space v.003

Welcome to the topic for the newly released Weird Worlds mod, Odd Adventures in Infinite Space.

What This Mod Does:
I started out this mod just to add a quest or two; then my scope expanded as time went by. In particular, I decided that I wasn't entirely happy with some of the aspects of WW balance, and returned it to SAIS norm, in many cases. I also eliminated some of the options; in the end, the mod should be a rather nostalgic experience for many of you SAIS fans.

There have been many changes to fundamental weapons; in general, if a weapon didn't match up to SAIS stats, I altered it, heh. Many WW items have been altered to conform to the new overall level; the most notable change is to the neptunium railgun, which is no longer uber...mostly.

A lot of things are relatively self-explanatory, but here's a few of the more important changes.

• Chaingun shots are now slow, about the same speed as they would've been in SAIS.
• There are only two, I believe, point-defense weapons in the game, and neither of them are easily player-accessible.
• The only ship the player can start with is the Corvette, which comes equipped with an impaler rack and a chaingun.
• Hope has much weaker, low-tech weapons in stock.
• Most of the other races' ships have been nerfed, in accordance with SAIS.
• Beams have been changed. All the beams that exist in SAIS have been made about the same as they were there; the ones that don't, have been made largely into near-constant beam weapons, like the strange quark projector, and follow along a similar classification system as the existing beams, from the weakest (gatling laser) to strongest (probably the antichronon blaster; I don't remember off-hand).
• Drives are probably faster, on average, but the drive you start with moves at a piddling six times the speed of light.
• ...the better drives, say, the one that moves twice as fast, also moves twice as fast through nebulae, though.
• The hyperdrive is no longer uber, moving at 15 times the speed of light, both ways. I might change it again later, to make it more interesting.
• There are now Tan Ru and Urluquai allies.
• Esmerelda can sabotage your ship, destroying most anything (except for star drives).
• There's another item that deals with Esmerelda, in a very spectacular fashion.
• The Mantle of Babulon is no longer uber. Specifically, owning it cuts off your relations with the Klakar. Unfortunately, there are some bugs with this concept (you can still trade with them even after you have the Mantle), but I think it's good enough for a first release.
• Cameos by the Science Vessel and Frigate, in two brand-new events.
• A new, black background, lifted from SAIS. I think it really changes the atmosphere; if you don't like it, that's okay; I'm not sure I like it either. This could change in the next release.
• A new device known as the Time Trapper exists. Trust me when I say this is possibly one of the most useful things I have ever added to WW.
• The Plasma Torch is now a short-range death beam.
• Urluquai Deep Hunters use plasma torches.
• Ravian ships no longer have any shielding (but they're still pretty dangerous!)
• Terran ships no longer automatically repair
• Ravian ships do


Changes to come...maybe:
• Variable relations
• Mirror rebalancing
• New Mantle origin
• Rebalancing
• Difficult-to-capture creatures
• Unusual new allies
• More fighter-sized items
•...and more?

Let me know what you think!

Note: The file attached to this post is 001, the original version of Odd Adventures. It has since been superseded by a more recent edition, 003. Go to the third page, or click this link to get to the most recent version. You are, of course, still welcome to pick up this old version, or 002.

New information regarding the mod can be found here, at A Thought Repository.
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