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Default Re: Odd Adventures In Infinite Space v.002

002 is basically ready to go. If there's anything that's glaringly wrong, it can be removed next time, right?

What New Things This Update Does:
Most of the changes originally added in 001 are still in force. That said, I have extended some changes and made some more alterations to things, especially weapons and ship balance.

• Chainguns do much less damage; 40 damage per shot (instead of 100).
• Moly cones do much less damage; 200 damage per shot (instead of 300)
• Many beams have been made more powerful.
• Missiles have been boosted, to do more damage; some are also faster.
• The Tchoraks have received a world-class nerf -- they no longer regenerate, their systems are now destructable, and all of their weapons are far less powerful.
• The Neptunium Railgun has been tinkered with.
• The Mantle of Babulon may now be donned or taken off, instead of automatically working.
• The hyperdrive now takes about half a year to recharge, but otherwise functions as in normal SAIS and WW, instead of moving 15/15, like in 001.
• The Time Trapper has been nerfed.
• The Tan Ru Demolisher bug that allowed the ship to fail to appear has been fixed.
• Changes have been made to the GUI and interface, intended to make it look more like SAIS.
• The Plasma Torch is no longer a short-range death beam.
• Various changes have been made to ships' armaments.
• The Melodium Conograph has been made less interesting.
• Planet, pilot, ship, and star names have been removed, altered, and added to the lists.
• The retreat buttons have been removed from the game.

Other information is included in the read-me file.

Unlike the last time, I have few ideas for major changes after these. No, that doesn't mean that there definitely won't be another Odd Adventures mod -- just that I need time to get more ideas and stuff to implement into the game. Also, I'm limited in what I can do by my inability to procure unique graphics, so I can't create a lot of races and items like other modders have done. Hopefully that will change so you can see a greater variety of stuff in a hypothetical Odd Adventures 003.

Let me know what you think of it.

Thanks to Christ Jesus for allowing this mod's development, and thanks to all of you that helped me out along the way.
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