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Default Re: Odd Adventures In Infinite Space v.002

Well, the Conograph was at least marginally interesting the first time around, when you didn't know what it would do and could activate it.

In my mod, you don't even have that option; it's just an ordinary piece of loot.


The hyperdrive tweaks are a step in the right direction, I think, but I'm not sure even these are final either. The idea behind the hyperdrive in this one was that I wanted to make it, well, usually the best option, but not always -- so that you could get better performance in some cases, if you were close to another star.

However, thinking over it, the hyperdrive might be more interesting if I gave it a year-long recharge time (as I indeed thought about doing before I settled on half a year). This would make it more of a "strategic" drive; instead of using it all the time, you would just periodically use it to jump to hard-to-reach places, and use the fastest conventional drive the rest of the time.

At any rate, I'll keep it in mind.

Thanks for the feedback; I've been looking forward to it, and really appreciate it now that it's here. The more you have to give, the better; it's not easy to release stuff like this and not get any response.