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Default Re: Germany OOB 16: miscellaneous comments

If they are Cossacks, then I can understand them being more motivated than your average former Red Army PoW that got volunteered to fight for Germans, and better riders than your average German cavalryman. That said, +15 to experience still sound quite a lot (it is what Brandenburgers tend to get).

Then again, considering the hazards that mounted cavalrymen face on a WWII battlefield, those brave Cossacks probably need every imaginable in-game advantage they can get if they are to survive for more than a couple of turns after making contact with the enemy.

I don't think people are exactly fielding these in droves when playing Germans. I am quite sure that I have never fielded them myself, though I have some gaming experience with certain other cavalry units. Maybe I should actually try fielding them in a game some day.
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