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Default Re: Germany OOB 16: miscellaneous comments

I found a random German Vehicle that could be put in the German Overflow list in BLUE

Basically, Bussig NAG gets a contract to develop a halftrack with a rear mounted engine specifically designed as a tank destroyer platform. Four prototypes of the HKp 902 halftrack were built.

Of this, two prototypes were armed with the Rheinmetall 7.5 cm L40.8 gun in an open topped turret with 35 rounds on board.

Armor prtoection was:

20mm frontal
14.5mm / 10mm sides
10mm rear
10.5mm roof (except turret)
5.5mm belly

The two prototypes were completed in 1941 and they were organized into a platoon for troop trials with Panzerjäger-Abteilung ("Anti-Tank Battalion") 605 of the Afrika Korps.

The first vehicle was reported received on 17 January 1942 by Panzerjäger-Abteilung 605, but the second was not reported as arrived in Tripoli until 23 February 1942.

The platoon was transferred to the Kampfstaffel des Oberbefehlshaber Panzerarmee Afrika (Rommel's personal battle group) on 8 March 1942.

Only one vehicle was reported operational on 25 May at the start of Operation Venezia during the Battle of Gazala; the other had been captured by the British, shown in undated photographs. Shortly afterwards, on 5 June, the Kampfstaffel reported that the other vehicle had been lost after knocking out three tanks.
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