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Default Re: Germany OOB 16: miscellaneous comments

After a longer break, I'll write down a limited number of more important or easy to fix things from my notes (which are not very extensive ):

34 Sturmtiger - used from 8/44 in suppressing Warsaw Uprising [now 1/45]

86 8.8cm PaK 43 - photo shows Pak-43/41 on wheeled mounting (unit #205), while this gun was on cross mounting, as the icon shows - could be photo 208.

131 7.5cm Haubitze
- FK18 entered service in 1938 only and was very rare gun (only 124 made according to,5-cm-Feldkanone_18 ) - it is worth to replace it with FK 16nA, used since 1930, and still 298 were in 1939,7-cm-Feldkanone_16. There is no early German artillery available otherwise.

The latter one had range 12.3km (now 200, proper for FK18)
The photo could be replaced eg. with
The icon is the same as 10.5cm leFH - could be 2127 for FK18. In case it is changed to FK16, it should be single tail, eg 2112 with appropriate long barrel

155 Kfz 70 Protze - icon is green and with transversal benches, while this is platform truck.
Protze icons are 3038-3040, like unit 453

220 Pueppchen - icon should be single-tail - shape fits to 8017 (possibly it was dedicated one?)

275 FJg LMG Grp - possibly there should be LMG as a weapon instead of MMG?

304 15.5cm Batterie - it is Polish sFH-17(p), same as French 155mm Schneider C17S howitzer sFH-414(f), but the photo shows French heavy 155 mm cannon. I've found C17S in German service: and from

387 JPz I - it is available since 1/41, but they entered combat in May 1940 in France (possibly available from 4/40).
Formations start from 4/40, while the earliest unit #480 starts at 6/40.

Most sources use Panzerjager I name ( , Waffen-Arsenal ) - seems, that Jagdpanzer meant armoured vehicles ("panzers").

388 PzKw II C - photo has markings from 1939 (and shows no additional armour), while the unit is from 1940 and has additional armour - it could be swapped with unit 002

417 Panzerbuechse - photo doesn't seem to be Mauser, rather PzB 39. Maybe previous photo 25583 is better. Same for units 634,643 (sw) Inf Gruppe

420,421 FJg PAW - the name might better be changed to LG (German designation), not PAW
Better icon is 2107 (for the lighter one at least)
Same for 505,506 GebJg PAW

464 PzKw 38H 735(f) - maybe a better photo is former 27506 with short gun? (photo 828 has long gun)

481 SdKfz 10/5 PaK5 - 5cm Pak was used since the end of 1940 only [now 7/40]

502 MG08 HMG (2) - the picture doesn't look German, nor MG08. 2338 is good

622 PzJ Bren(e) PaK - photo has French 25mm gun, while it is supposed to be 3.7cm Pak
Might be:

733 MG248(p) HMG - caliber of captured Polish Maxims was 7.92 (not 7.62) and they were exactly German MG08. I would say it's useless, but it's one of four MGs used by Ost troops in the game, and they have no MG08 otherwise. Maybe it should be just MG08?
(designation: )

792 MG248(p) HMG - seems completely useless. Same as above, but the picture is on Russian wheeled mount (should be 3884 eventually). Poland indeed converted some Russian Maxims to wz.10/28 model, but they were 7.92 mm, and all were sold to Spain before the war, so they couldn't have been captured. It is used in OrPo units, which have 7 MGs to choose from, including MG08.

734 MG249(p) HMG - a caliber might be added (7.92)

831 SdKfz 221 - photo has early white crosses, more adequate for early unit 67, while it is available from 1942.

902 Me 410A-1/U-4 - a photo with 5cm gun is

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