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Default Re: NEW MOD: No Independents

MischiefMaker said:
My apologies, I'm actually thinking of buying the game and I'm debating whether it would be worth it for the Single Player experience alone.
Your name is fitting. You have to joking, but I will take this as an excuse to sing the praises of our favorite game.

This is the best damn hardcore turn based fantasy strategy game you'll ever play for either the single player experience or multiplayer. There are infinite mods, maps, strategies, and more. It comes with one of the most informative manuals I have seen. I have never had a game crash or not run properly like many other games published these days. Then there are the incredibly good contributors on this forum! They just keep coming up with new features adding to the never ending thrill. I can think of only two things that might make me stop playing Dominions-3 ..... my death or maybe a Dominions-4.
The game never gets played out or boring. Even hot woman are asking for it

Sombre said:
NI maps require far more work? I don't see how. All the NI maps require is copying the map's original text file, adding in a single copy pasted chunk of code and renaming the map.

You're right that they're different though. I like the fact that you can't get poptype mages with NI maps, so it's not a problem at all in my eyes.
Sombre hits the nail on the head! The NI maps not only address the indies issue, but they help maintain pure nations. This aspect of the game was partially addressed in the game's original design by not allowing you to hire units that would be available in captured alien nation capitols.

Sombre, is a copy of that pastable chunk of code available? A NI-LOEM map, Faerun, and vanilla World of Warhammer come to mind as good applications.
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