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Default Re: NEW MOD: Better Independents

Edi said:
All right, people update. The last one was screwed up and it disabled a lot of units it was not meant to. The mod has been renamed, because "Better Independents" is a far more accurate description than "No independents". ........
Each mod has its own banner and this approach will allow everyone who wants to use them to pick whichever one suits them best. If you play an astral heavy nation and worry about enslave mind bankrupting you, use the resource version. If that's not a concern, you can pick the gold one or if you really want to make sure, pick the plain Better Indies, it has both gold and resources. ...........

This mod is also not likely to get any foreseeable further updates, since my limited time does not allow me to waste any more effort on it that could be better spent on the bug list, the DB, the FAQ, my studies and other pursuits.
Edi you must constantly be working yourself to exhaustion trying make improvements as well as tweaking out minor (bugs) to reach god-like game perfection. You also seem to have a personal desire to create this mod for those who hire alien nation mages to diversify their magic base while also making the independents better. A noble cause for those who use this strategy.

Using the game's present Conjuring, Enchanting, Construction, Special site searches, as well as God design points is another (more) challenging strategy for diversifying your magic. In addition to addressing Indies, there is this second and maybe the more important point of Sombre's NI-Map approach.

Both mod approaches add to the diversity of the game and I will have to play all of them also. Dominions-3 is hundreds of game(s) variations coming out of one game box. How much more can I say!
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