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Fallout Re: MBT's

As Kerrigan has pointed out, this is now a done deal. The Stryker Mobile Gun Systems (MGS) will be retired by the end of fiscal year 2022/OCT 2022 at the latest. It was the first USA "tank" to have an auto loader which caused nothing but problems for the army.

It never received the improvements it's other peers did such as the V-Hull and the now standard Double V-Hull. The current gun can't even come close to matching the performance of the newer "high pressure" 105mm guns that are in operation such as Japan's MCV HP 105mm.

It served it's purpose for it's time, but it never achieved it's hoped for full capabilities. So I leave it to the USA for the official announcement...

(The propaganda paper.)

This affects UNITS 354/642/682/683 and I believe that's all of them.

Lastly, I remember very early on that I made a compelling "argument" that for "BIG ARMY USA, that having MP units served no real purpose in the game, and for other larger armies in general. I remember as well it was agreed to DELETE them TO OPEN THOSE SLOTS up for all the new equipment we saw coming "down the pike", which both happened.

During the above search however, I came across MP UNITS 106-109 , did we miss these by chance???

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