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Default Re: Sprite Editing Tutorial

Originally Posted by DaveCG View Post
Thanks for the advice llama! funny enough I've been recolouring my guys, darking them up, and praticing shading, I'll keep at it untill I'm happy and then as long as noone minds I'll show them off again, thanks again!
Sure, keep on showing them. This kind of discussion in plain view will help other starting modders. About that armor on the unit c. I'd probably shade it darker on the waist. Armors usually have the "chest" area in lighter colors and darker colors on the stomach (two very light areas for breasts if the unit is female). I usually copy all my armours, since it is probably the hardest thing to draw and make look good. One good "trick" to get past the armor problem and some other issues too is to cover the "difficult areas" with something (shields are good for this purpose). See that belt on my avatar pic? I copy-pasted it from another pic because I was having a hard time shading his waist right.

To Llamabeast: Oh right, the warrior priest. I used the same shades I used in templar shields, but it seems that the whitness really shows out without a logo on the shield. I'll make it darker and put a red X on it.
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