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Default Re: Sprite Editing Tutorial

Whoa, Dave! You've been productive. I'll just equip my +5 monocle of criticism and be on my way. If I don't comment on unit, my opinion defaults to "it's awesome"

C: I really like the pose. He seems to be meditating/mourning. I'd remove some of those dark pixels in his armpit and backside, thought. His waist also looks a tad too dark, I can't really figure out where his stomach is. The skirt is too square as 90 decree angles are very rare in clothing. You also should probably copy-paste the same skirt to both attack sprite and base sprite.

H: This pic probably got deformed in the "sofar"ing process. Is that thing his head? The toga is a bit too square in this one too. That "few dark lines" effect to create shading in the toga looks good.

J: Remember how I said that my opinion defaults to awesome? I mention this Flag because it is awesome to the power of two.

K: Oh. From your first pics I thought that his guy had a afro/ manly large cache of hair of sorts. Sad to see it gone, it looked pretty good. Like a lion mane.

L: The armour looks a lot better now. Good job.

The Lion-guys: You shouldn't worry about eyes. All size 2 troops on Dom3 do not have eyes at all. Just a 1x2 pixels white box with a tad darker colors.

Those Lion riders look very good. Very nice choice of colors for the hair and mane. Looks majestic to the extreme.
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