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Originally Posted by Malfador Machinations View Post
Hi All,

Just wanted to put in my 2 cents. I have received only 1 email regarding problems with the game. We addressed those issues in the 1.09 patch. I waited 2 weeks on the release of the last patch version for bug reports and got none.

If you'd like another patch, here's what you need to do. Create a list of specific references to bugs, or detailed descriptions of poor AI performance. Back these reports up with savegames. Just saying the AI is "bad" is not enough. Send these to

We will do another patch if there is demand for it. Quietly posting in a forum is not enough. We require your participation in this process. Only you know the problems.

Are you serious? You realize THIS is the games official forum,...where the people who play the game come to talk about it,......and shockingly,...where we have been for MONTHS,..talking about exclusively whats wrong with the game.

Youre really going to sit there with a straight face and tell us you dont read these forums? If thats true,..then maybe,....just maybe, should check in on your games OFFICIAL forums occasionally, instead of ignoring it and then saying I didnt realize anything was wrong and that people were upset.

The truth is WE require YOUR participation. You know like reading the forums,..listening to the problems we have,...actually FIXING the game in a patch instead of just getting started and releasing hoping thats good enough.

We are NOT going to send in bug reports......We are NOT beta testers. We bought the game and should not have to help you finish it outside of posting the problems here.

Here is an idea....PLAY YOUR OWN GAME!!!!!!! Then it will be obvious what needs fixing,...just as it obvious to everyone else that plays it. If you need beta testers,...well then you should have kept the game in beta.