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Default Re: Silent Hill - Multi Era - Vet & intermediate - Running

Hmm you are EA R'lyeh, not that i want to say anything, but on this map you are bound to be one or two provinces away from someone(as you are a water nation).

I dont want to be a pain but I think that while this is a game-breaking problem between two land nations(which is why i was gonna agree to a restart) I dont think its that bad since you are an Underwater nation.

The map is also such that underwater nationhas to take high dominion to survive. So dominion is not a problem. And Pangaea doesn't have any standard underwater expansion so you wouldn't be competing for provinces at least not early on. Regarding you trying to get out of the water, that is going to be harder, but it was going to be hard anyways (since you are always bound to find people who'd make you stay underwater
(that is the way the game was designed).

I think that depending on who took the land province this is more of a diplomatic question than anything else.If you took it and I was Pangaea I'd immediately take it back. An Underwater nation cannot beat a Land nation(on land) at least not early on. (if Pangaea took the land border province between you two I dont think there is any problem. The two of you can discuss some sort of preaching policy(like no temples on that province) Or an alliance between a land and an underwater nations has been something I had a lot of success with) But that is up to you two and the diplomacy you conduct.

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