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Potion War Cabinet 0.8.2 is available!

Hello fellow wargamers,

I am delighted to announce the release of War Cabinet version 0.8.2!

This releases adds the following new features:

* New feature - SP:WaW Mega Campaign support

It is now possible to track Mega Campaign savegames. Adding a Mega
Campaign savegame to a new, empty, dossier will allow War Cabinet to
track this file and the savegame will be automatically added to the dossier
whenever it changes.

Note: for this tracking to be effective, War Cabinet needs to be running
in the background while playing the Mega Campaign

Note: due to the nature of Mega Campaign gameplay, War Cabinet does
not allow battle and/or turn deletions from a Mega Campaign dossier.

* New feature - read-only mode

War Cabinet tracks the original savegame folder used with a dossier. When
a dossier is loaded for which the original savegame folder can no longer be
found, the dossier will be opened in read-only mode and it will not be
possible to make any additions or deletions to it.

This release adds the following improvements:

* Improvement - simplified game configuration

The game configuration in the preferences has been simplified. Only the
game folder must be configured, it is no longer necessary to configure both
the OOB and the savegames folders separately.

* Improvement - improved game configuration

The game configuration in the preferences has been improved. War Cabinet
now supports up to four different game configurations, each consisting of a
game type and a game folder. The configurations also have a name for
easier reference in the New dossier dialog box. Previously, War Cabinet
only supported a single game configuration for an SP:WaW game and
a single game configuration for a winSPWW2 game.

* Improvement - require dossier file overwrite confirmation

If you use the same name as an existing dossier file while saving a
dossier, you will be prompted to confirm overwriting the existing dossier.

This release has the following fixes:

* Fix - incorrect winSPWW2 battle losses reporting

The campaign and battle losses recorded in the winSPWW2 savegame were
incorrectly decoded.

* Fix - fixed some crashes and memory corruptions/leaks

This release is completely compatible with the previous 0.8.1 release,
and you can keep using your existing campaign dossiers.

The latest files can always be found here (on GitHub), screenshots can be found here (also on GitHub).

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