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Default Re: War Cabinet 0.8.2 is available!

Originally Posted by ErikCumps View Post
Originally Posted by KAreil View Post
Folder does exist, is a standard game folder although I did some changes in


All data in attached 7z file.

The attached .INI for some reason has "Default=-1" (probably from my other tests) this generates an error.
With "Default=0" which is the configuration where the StandAlone button works it is still the same problem.
Thanks for the data!

I'll do some verifications and if there's a bug there, I'll find it.


I just did a reproduction test:
  • created a copy of my winSPWW2 game folder as D:\Games\WinSPWW2_13.0_WSS
  • created a D:\Games\WinSPWW2_WarCab_0.8.2\save folder
  • copied your empty dossier file in this save folder
  • copied your warcab.ini file in my warcab folder
  • executed warcab
But the dossier loaded fine without complaints, so I'm not sure what's going wrong at your side.

To find out more, could you please install the debug build:

When you try again with this build, some logfiles will be created in the warcab folder.
Could you please 7z these and send them to me? The files I'm interested in are:
  • debug_console.log

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