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Default Re: War Cabinet 0.8.3 is available!

Originally Posted by KAreil View Post
Thanks for the new version, works fine now

Looking around in the dossier and it's fantastic what data you display there, I love it.

I don't want to sound ungracious but can I put something on the Wishlist?

In the roster it seems to use some standard US rank system, would it be possible to use the rank-file from the selected game folder and used nation?
Thanks for the praise!

Re the rank strings: it's a nice thing for the wishlist, I agree.

But before we put it there, we'll need to think a bit about the modalities:
  • Should this be fixed or dynamic?
    • Fixed: it is recorded in the dossier file at the time the savegame is added, using the special rank
      strings or the US rank strings depending on the setting in the preferences (on or off), and after
      adding the savegame, changes in the preferences have no effect.
    • Dynamic: when it is turned on (in the preferences), the special rank strings are shown and when
      it is turned off (in the preferences), the US ranks are shown again?
  • When and from where should the strings be fetched?
    • When the savegame is added, from the current game directory?
    • When the dossier is loaded, from the original game directory tracked by the dossier? If that folder
      doesn't exist anymore, fall back to the US ranks?
    • When the dossier is loaded, from the game configuration in the preferences? Which one, if more
      than one is configured?
    • At all times hardcoded in War Cabinet? There is a risk these are getting out of sync with the actual
      names used by winSPWW2.

In terms of work, the easiest path would be to have them hardcoded in War Cabinet.

A bit more work, but probably worth it, is fetching the strings at the time the savegame is added and storing
them in the dossier. Backwards compatibility with older dossiers (which wouldn't have the strings stored), would
mean using the default US rank strings for these dossiers.

BTW: support for winSPMBT is also on the wishlist.

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