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Default Re: War Cabinet 0.8.3 is available!

Thanks for the help.

First, the error message was no help. I know it's a pain coding specific error messages but a message pointing at the incorrect path would have steered me in the right direction.

The red highlight didn't help me. The whole game config section was highlighted red from the moment I opened the preferences screen. It was never not highlighted. I assumed it was an indication that that game config was active. It you'd highlighted just the file path text box after I entered the incorrect path, I might have gotten a clue.

No, I wasn't thinking about using War Cabinet for PBEM. That just happened to be the last path I tried while trying to make it work. The instructions indicted to enter the game path. I assumed you meant the folder with the actual game file I wanted to work with: the Saved Games folder or the PBEM Games folder. You should have just said: "C:\...\WinSPWW2\" in the instructions.

Anyway, I did get it to work after I created a test (saved) game. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

BTW, are you collecting all your information from the scenario file or are you also retrieving info from the sdata and scendata database files?
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