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Default Re: War Cabinet 0.8.3 is available!

I did see: PreferencesHelp1.png. The words "game folder" are at least part of what led me astray. I didn't even think to look at: PreferencesHelp2.png. But the words "installation folder" in that note would have put me on the right track. If I may suggest a note:

"This is the installation folder of the game, something like: ...\WinSPWW2 or ...\Steel Panthers World At War"

I don't think you need to add the words "game config" to the end of the note. If you're a glutton for punishment, you could customize the path reference in the note depending on the type field value.

Even better, you could put your note in the path field as backgound text. When the user clicks on the path field, the backgound text disappears and they type the proper path into the field. Or you could put the game's default installation folder in the field and the user could customize it as needed. You've probably seen those ideas in forms that you've run across on the internet.

About the mechanism for displaying: PreferencesHelp2.png. That mechanism: "select the question mark icon at the top of the dialog box and click on the input field" doesn't seem like a standard UI interface process to me. I can't say that I've ever seen it used.

In my opinion, helpful hints need be obvious; background text or a question mark icon to the right of the field. Having to click twice to see a hint is at least one click too many. But that's just my opinion and I'm not the programmer, you are.
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