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Default Re: War Cabinet 0.8.3 is available!

Originally Posted by ErikCumps View Post
Originally Posted by Larry2017 View Post
still not working version 0.8.3
Hi Larry2017,

Thanks for your report.

First, the error:

You get the incomplete preferences error, because your game configuration is indeed not complete:
the game config entry in the preferences screen is highlighted in red.

It is highlighted in red, because the path you entered in the game config is not pointing to the game
folder, but to a subfolder of it instead: "C:\...\WinSPWW2\PBEM Games\".

To fix this, enter the correct game folder path: "C:\...\WinSPWW2\".

Secondly, from your screenshot, I assume you are interested in using War Cabinet with PBEM games?

Please note that War Cabinet has NO support for PBEM games.

This is because secured PBEM games are encrypted, but the details of the encryption mechanism are
unknown to me and War Cabinet is therefore not able to decrypt the PBEM savegames.

Thank you Erik for this new version of Warcab.
I've had the same issue than Larry (because I'm another Larry ??).
Anyway, with your explanation, warcab is working!
Good job Erik. Well done and thanks a lot for your work.
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