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Default Re: War Cabinet 0.8.3 is available!

Originally Posted by Second-Maître Laurent View Post
Hi Erik.

Have you a "Warcab Handbook for Dumbs"?

Actually I've installed Warcab, ok.
I've created a new dossier, ok.
Then I go in the tab "Game" and click on "Add Standalone Battle From Savegame". I found my saved scenario and write the name, then click on the name in the list, then "ok" and ... a few seconds later, Warcab shutdown and disappear.

What's the issue?
How can I had my scenarion in my dossier?

Thanks to help me.

Sub-item: is Warcab works with SpmBt, or will it?
Hello Second-Maître Laurent,

Warcab shutting down and disappearing after adding a standalone battle, is probably a crash.

If you send me that savegame, as well as the OOB data files from your winSPWW2 folder
(unless these are the same as the v11.0-DL version), I can try to investigate what went wrong.

You can send the files to


PS: winSPMBT support is under construction.
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