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Default Re: 4K and large monitors

SP3 had really annoying dialogue box type messages that popped up smack in the screen centre and got in the way since they were huge. We made a decision to go with the SP2 code base mainly as this behaviour was baked-in to the SP3 code base. The dialogues were really nasty and Don and I hated them!

It also put numbers of men on infantry formations, so you instantly knew which ones were the company commanders. Rule #1 was to insta-kill the little tiddlers...

It had single icons representing tank platoons, so it handled "disabled" hits by simply counting those as killed. So using lots of mortars (60mm would do the trick) onto armour would quickly whittle them down whereas in SP2 & 1 - you would have had stuck (track hit) tanks left behind and still able to contribute (maybe).

SP3 was not a very good engine - I know, I was a playetester for SSI on that.
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