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Default Re: 4K and large monitors

Regarding monitors being too big - as and when I get a new 4K one I will be keeping the current 1080p one as a backup, and swapping it out for the humongous one, not just for our games but other ones that dont play well on humongous monitors.

One thing people might think of doing perhaps is to get an old 19 inch monitor (perhaps from a pawn shop say, not as new, but they are quite cheap even new). Use that for SP and swap out for the huge one for the tasks the huge one is suited for?.

I havent tried multi-monitor setups as yet, but if the game can be "cast" to use the smaller monitor and not the huge one that may work?. Interested to hear from any multi-monitor users what thier setup may be, e.g. having a smaller one alongside of a huge one.
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