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Default Re: Updates in light of Ukraine war

Originally Posted by DRG View Post

And just who are you aiming that comment at exactly ??

If it was me WELL DUH..... this was a lieutenant colonel out on a scouting mission with a rifle........ "The Russians don't follow the same setup the Western militaries" yeah NO KIDDING EH??
How about all of us? It does seem that we, all are getting a bit to how can one say picking side and not being partial to events without it sounding like anything but that?

If it's clear that they don't work as Western militaries, then it should not be a shock that senior officers went out to see for themselves how craptastic things are, if they are indeed that. As I have said to numerous people, we are getting a one-sided version of events, via media. I do not believe a single thing that comes out of the entire region, mainly because it's all propaganda.

I am not surprised a senior officer went to see things firsthand, hell I have seen senior officers who do stupid things and think they are still junior officers. Never ends well, when they try. This Russian is no exception.

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