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Default Re: Updates in light of Ukraine war

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Sorry forgot to write about Bucha and other. For example:

This is the mayor of Bucha rejoicing at the withdrawal of Russian troops. He doesn't talk about tragedy. Ukrainian and foreign media will start talking about the tragedy in Bucha 4-5 days after the withdrawal of Russian troops. I will not talk about fakes. Just think for yourself - you leave a small town and shoot a lot of civilians so that you can later be accused of mass crimes?... Just don't talk about the bloodthirstiness of the Russians!
This is a minute snapshot of events he is happy to be rid of the invaders. End of story -----the rest of the events were reported after the liberation .. after that was recorded

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Here is another interesting video about the old lady:
It's BS like this that will be your end. You are referencing the post Blazoes made in the one above yours but that is NOT the same "old woman" at all.

And no, I don't much care for your distorted opinions
According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Russian troops left Bucha on March 30. The mayor of the city recorded his video message on March 31.

I think that this and other war crimes should be investigated.


This is a video fact filmed by a Ukrainian soldier.

I didn't quote other posts in my post. I didn't write that it was the same old woman. In this video and others, you need to pay attention to a different opinion of other people with different views and a different life.
Why do I have a distorted opinion? Because this opinion does not coincide with your opinion? But even your opinion may be distorted.

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Interesting only if you want to believe it. It's the narrative the Russians have been using to justify their invasion from the start. That does not make it true but the entire situation from the start has been "complicated"
You can, of course, philosophize )) Everyone decides for himself what to believe. That doesn't make this video a lie. And the truth is always the same.
No. The truth changes. The facts are objective. You take the facts and build a truth.

Like how from the two countries, one invaded the other while it was under no threat from it, yet it blames the defending country for it.
Then again Putin himself said just before the invasion that Ukraine does not exist, is not real and should "join" Russia. You know, like how Nazi Germany did just before the onset of the WWII.

This time, once again, Russia is the bad guy. Russia is the invading force. Russia is the evil that must be stopped. Everything else is just Putin's truth. The invasion is the fact.
Ok. Let's talk facts.
Russia launched a military operation to protect civilians in the Donets and Lugansk People's Republics.

Let's remember the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia 1999. Read about the reason for the attack:
Is there something in common?

Do you want to talk about made-up pretexts for attack? If you are interested in politics and the situation in Ukraine, then look for information about the number of Russians living in Ukraine, the status of the Russian language in Ukraine, Nazi processions on the streets of Ukraine, honoring SS veterans and the destruction of civilians (over the past 8 years) in the Donbass region. Western media (not all) prefer not to notice some events.

Putin is not going to annex Ukraine to Russia. He said the following (quote): "...It is not our plan to occupy the Ukrainian territory..."

If you are wondering what Putin really said on February 24 (text and video):

You forgot to say that Nazi Germany also burned some books (including Jewish ones)... In some Western countries, Russian exhibitions, performances by Russian athletes, musicians are now banned, Russian names are being renamed, etc.

Why is Russia the bad guy? Good guys bombing Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia?
NATO wars are one thing, but Russia's wars are another?

To live in peace, it is necessary to take into account the interests of all parties, otherwise a conflict similar to the "Caribbean crisis" may occur. An interesting article about "Indivisible Security". Read it (it's small):

I'm trying to get you my point of view, but you call it propaganda or Putin's truth.
I hope someday the politicians will agree and end these wars.