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Default Re: Version 1.20 Tales of Hard Permadeath

i also started Hard PD - with no extra funds (although my pay it forward account is full with almost 28M$)

first near-death-experience with that new star temple security while auto-returning to shuttle .. then
got ambushed on my way home(that is to Sector(S) 5 gruff embassy) in S9 by several pirates.. that blasted through my observer shield and armor damaging the hull (repair cost total >50K $ while i had enough $ to refill my ships supply...
managed to get to gruff embassy all i got was a lousy t-shirt err space suit and enough $ as reward to buy that shiny new plastic armor as replacement - and not enough left to even consider repairing the remaining hull damage

on my way to looting the pirate derelicts of my former attackers - time to recoup the costs
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