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Default Re: A minor question which always bothered me

The game does not care about "men" really other than a unit that gets to 0 crew is dead. It workis in damage points, which with soft elements usually ties up with the number of crew damaged.

If a rifle sectiion of 12 men survives, but has 9 damage points then the enemy get 9 points. If it dispersed then the enemy would get the full value of the destroyed section (say 23 points).

Vehicle damage is even less related to crew "casualties", since the *'s inflicted dont necessarily tally with the number of crew lost, if any. If a tank has 10* damage but survives then the enemy gets 10 points, if it is destroyed (and if the crew bail it is destroyed if they are killed, or the force was defeated while the crew was out) then the full points value of say 90. Crews have no intrinsic value - but they do represent thier vehicle so using them as "free" scouts is not advised.
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