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Default Re: New icons!

Originally Posted by gila View Post
Mi-28 and others look nice,but the Mi-28 looks very good!
Now a stupid question,which file do i download that?
I'm not sure I get your question.
To download the files, click on the links embedded in the titles of each paragraph (the underlined part), which should send you to a page, where you just have to click on the big archive icon to start downloading the .zip pack with the bitmap icons inside.

Once this is done (or if this wasn't your question) you may want to integrate them into the game. For this you will need both MOBhack to update the OOBs and first and foremost SHPed to create or modify icon archives.
You will find a quick walkthrough of SHPed in this older thread and more details from Don in that one.

Have fun!
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