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Default Nasty July 8th Kansas storm

The last three days have been very rough here in Kansas. Many people in my small town are still without power after an freak storm. Typically our storms travel west to east. This thing traveled in an almost straight line from north to south very quickly. It looked like a very small red cluster on radar and the communities in it's path received very little warning if any at all. Most of the northern communities first hit by the storm began receiving warnings after the storm had already passed. Our small town's only warning came from the emergency director of a city 20 miles north of us just a scant few minutes before the 90+ mile an hour winds hit. Most of the damage occurred with multiple microbursts of incredible power. Many homes were destroyed, large trees toppled, tractor trailers flipped over and windows shattered. Very scary experience. I have spent the last three days picking up broken tree limbs. Thankfully my home and workplace were not damaged. Many of us are counting our blessings.

Here is a video that someone from a small town about 15 miles north of us posted:

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