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Default Re: Nasty July 8th Kansas storm

Seriously not nice but not bad call them typhoons in Asia & years ago had a level 10 which are very rare. No way would you go outside force 8s getting dodgy for that. The level 10 all the lamp posts were bent right over after & my neighbours car was nearly half a mile away along with loads of others all droped in a great big pile. Under no circumstances open any doors windows in your house & have the internal doors shut to in case one breaks. The sudden change in pressure will strip the house including carpets stud walls everything if its a real storm. About half a dozen houses just ceased to exist as it sucked the walls in on each other due to windows going.
Still about the most awesome thing I saw as heading home was a 747 that had to land in a level 8 (winds 90+) It flew in at a 45 degree angle to the runway & when it landed every single tire burst & it spun off onto the grass like a toy doing a full 270 before the emergency chutes popped. I dont know how the undercarrige did not break.
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