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Default Quotes About Bronze

While waiting for official reviews to sprout here are some quotes from folks, some well-known, some not known, about Bronze.

After Tidalis, Bronze is my favorite "small game" of the year. I pitched a review of it to an outlet that might have missed it because I thought it needed wider exposure....I can tell you that Bronze will get a lot of play from me this year.

-Troy S. Goodfellow
...there's a *lot* of game here. Bronze might look like some simple tile placement game that you'd play on the iPhone or as a Flash app, but that's deceptive. With the different factions, the random maps, the survival mode, the campaigns, and the options for setting up custom games, you get serious long-term playability for your thirty bucks. Also, it doesn't have online multiplayer, but it's got local multiplayer that makes it every bit as viable for multiplayer as a good Euro boardgame.

-Tom Chick
I've now finished playing through all ten of the Bronze historical campaigns, and I thought I'd delurk and post, because I don't think the game is getting the attention it deserves. For people who like strategy games with the feel of boardgames, Bronze is worth your time. It reminded me a bit of Go, but a version of Go on a small board where the stones have special abilities which can affect surrounding stones.

Each time you switch civilizations, you really do have to adjust your tactics in interesting new ways. It's a bit disappointing that there is no online multiplayer, but it's also clear that the game was designed primarily as a single player experience, as the factions aren't balanced to be equally competitive in the same way that Starcraft factions are, but this actually enhances the single player experience by giving a nice difficulty progression from the early factions to the factions in the later campaigns.

The campaigns are well balanced for the appropriate challenge. If you play a lot of strategy games, I'd recommend the "Historic" difficulty setting. It felt right for me.

-Random poster, Apost8 from QT3
So if you're on the fence hopefully the above will help your decision. Of course, be sure to check out the demo!
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