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Default Welcome to the Community

With the game coming out of BETA, it is time to start a welcome page, especially since BETA groups in five states will be meeting for the first time.

First off of course is Darkfather. I wrote the game, although it has taken an interesting direction since play testing went into overdrive four years ago. Lots of people will be able to answer questions here, but I am mostly first among equals for the game, since game masters will naturally tweek the game to their hearts content.

Outside of writing role playing games I am a game researcher and teach game design at a university, am a film and television director and producer (although for the past five years my work has been more an exploration of how to produce videos with very small budgets) and I am formerly and still occasionally involved with law enforcement.

Creator of Total Eclipse: the Role Playing Game. Director of Disrupted Gears Productions and The Thin Tweed Line.
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