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Default Re: Why can't you ever make a fantasy TBS with modern graphics and UI ?

Campaigner, never ever try to look for roguelikes. Or dwarf fortress, or muds, or any other deep game that does not have your precious "modern graphics".

Also, looking at your examples, while they look nice they are actually not that good GUI designs. In the first screenshot CoE3 the fog of war and other units are clearly defined. (red and grey borders for the units). In the age of wonders shadow magic you have to look closely at the screen to find the different units. (Or, have a lot of experience with the game so you tune out all the pretty little useless eye candy. It is very easy for new players to miss the little grey shields next to the combat units in age of wonders shadow magic. (I have had that problem myself. WTF whas that blob not part of the background?).

All that graphical eye candy does one other thing, it needlessly increases specs for users. Not all gamers have high end computers you know. (It also makes it a lot more difficult to port games to mac/linux/unix).

Age of wonders is also a game series that was not that well supported. Bit of a stupid example to put next to a game development company that even in their spare time still releases patches for 5 year old games.

Apart from that, you might want to familiarize yourself with software development before you comment on organizations doing this. (If you are familiar with it, I apologize for the remark. But then you clearly don't understand it and should look for other job opportunities better suited to you).

(And the funniest thing is, you know what would happen if CoE3 had age of wonders like graphics, a guy like the OP would come along and compare it to Heroes of might and magic, and also complain. Small development teams cannot win the graphics rat race).

2 more things:
1. good troll dude
2. if you want to play age of wonders, go play age of wonders.
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