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Default Re: Why can't you ever make a fantasy TBS with modern graphics and UI ?

Originally Posted by Campaigner View Post
I remember that Illwinter was two guys but didn't know if they STILL were only two guys.
I thought they could just buy an engine and have much of the work already done. I know there are soundlibraries to use freely, perhaps there are graphicslibraries as well.
Anyway, they should have gotten some help with the graphics.
That would be a new game. This is not a new game. Its an upgrade of an old game.

And Illwinter did get help with graphics. They had an "intern" for awhile with Dom3. It didnt last long. They do not "hire" people. Its a friend/hobby business. Unless someone in their friends circle who speaks swedish volunteers, its not likely to grow.

Yes, in CoE III it's clearly defined but looks really, friggin bad for a game in 2012(!)
Its CoE II upgraded. The CoE2 people and many of the Dom3 people are very happy with it.

As for porting, Unix and Linux don't have enough players to make it worthwhile (Stardock says this).
Mac, I don't know. Was gonna say that Blizzard doesn't seem to have problems to port games to it but then again they got some more resources than most companies
You seem to be missing another note. This is a LINUX game. Its ported to Windows and Mac.

I want fantasy TBS games with depth but also great graphics and UI.
But what you want, is not Illwinter. An Indie company. Sorry about that. Comparing them to games created by cubicle jockeys and swarms of code-monkeys is complimentary. But I dont think it will sway them. They both have real jobs. They do this as a hobby and then let us in on it.

Dont you have a hobby? Do you do it well enough that people pester you that you should do it as a job? Do they tell you that you should do it different, lower your rates, make a bunch of bucks from it? Ive had that. I can totally feel for Illwinter. I think its great that they are holding out against turning their hobby into work. Im going to enjoy what they throw my direction rather than chance blowing them off the subject entirely by insulting them. Just IMHO of course