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Default Re: Tools and Tutorials

This script will automatically reconcile ID numbers (of various kinds) between any number of mod files. To run:

mod_mixer.awk [.dm file...]

It will then produce a bunch of .txt files. You basically just catanate all of them into a new file and then load it - the header at the very begining, and name lists may need to be modified somewhat by hand.

At the moment, you can't run more than four or five mods at once due to graphics limitations (at least, this is my theory). I believe it is possible to swap the mod file out, restart the game with the graphics you actually need first.... but this is asking for trouble.

Known bugs -
* spells with a damage increment >+1 (i.e. if you set a spell to do 20 damage + 3 per point of excess skill) are interpreted as references to new monsters.
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