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Fallout Re: APC Development and related topics.

"CROSS" had already done a thread on this-thanks! Just providing additional info with a related story. British MOD will and has acquired 100 Bronco ATTC vehicles from ST Kinetics of Singapore in a contract worth 150m pounds that will, as reported be designated as WARTHOG by B-MOD. Contract to be completed by mid 2010. The WARTHOG is to replace the VIKINGS currently being used in Afghanistan purchased under an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR). Specs: Crew 2 with 10 troops, 65km/h roads and 5km/h in water, WARTHOG will in addition have a Platt MR50 shielded ring mount and external fuel tanks, powered by Caterpillar C7 generating 350bhp at 2400rpm.
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France on the other hand has chosen to purchase from BAE 129
BvS10 MKII VIKINGs a heavier version of the BvS206s VIKING for it's Rapid Intervention Forces (RIV) at a cost of 220m pounds. France chose the VIKING MKII over the Bronco. Deliveries to begin in this year.
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