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Default Re: New icons!

@Suhiir, these days I try to create my own icon sets from scratch, but I will try to look into the existing LVT icons.
If we're just talking new color schemes of existing icons, Don can do that at least as well as me in the official version.

Meanwhile, some fresh sets:

The near-ubiquitous ACV/AIFV/TIFV/KIFV/MIFV/whatever in most existing versions:
-Basic APC with MG and armor shield
-Basic IFV, 1-man turret with 25mm autocannon
-IFV with newer GIAT Dragar 1-man turret as fitted on some Turkish vehicles
-IFV with Cadillac-Gage 1-meter MG turret as proposed to Turkey by FNSS
-Basic APC with pintle-mounted ATGM, Milan on the basic version, Dragon on the KIFV, HJ-8 on the MIFV
-Dedicated SPATGM with folding TOW mount
-Higher-end SPATGM with folding ITV turret as on the US M-901
-Other SPATGM with TUA TOW turret as used in Turkey
-Open-top SP mortar, 81mm or 120mm
-Vulcan-based SPAA with regular M-163 open-top turret as used in South Korea
-SP-SAM with Aselsan Atilgan heavy Stinger mount as used in Turkey

Camo schemes as follows:
-Basic green, tan and white
-NATO 3-tone for Netherlands and Turkey
-Temperate MERDC camo for South Korea (without rear hull fuel tanks)
-Tropical splinter 4-tome camo for Malaysia (can double as Pakistani Talha APC in a good light)
-Generic high-contrast desert tan-brown

A follow-on to the AIFV developed by FNSS of Turkey, the ACV-S has to date only been ordered in small quantities by Malaysia in mortar variant.
Proposed versions that have made it to the prototype stage:
-Basic APC with MG and armor shield
-Basic IFV, new 1-man Sharpshooter turret with 25mm autocannon
-Improved IFV with 2-man LAV-30 turret
-Support vehicle wiht KBP Bakhcha turret as offered at IDEX 2005
-SP mortar with Longhorn semi-auto 120mm mortar

Specially for the Cold War 2020 mod, the ill-fated TH-495.
A German export design from the late 80s, not developed for want of markets, but planned (unrealistically?) for production and service in Germany and Canada.
Included several planned and imaginary variants:
-APC with remote-controlled HMG
-IFV with OTO-Melara HITFIST turret
-IFV with Kuka E-4 turret
-SPATGM with Kvaerner Eureka ALT TOW turret
-SPATGM with remote-controlled pedestal mount for TRIGAT (fictional)
-SP mortar with Finnish NEMO automatic gun-mortar turret (fictional)
-SP-SAM with ASRAD-D mount (fictional)
-SP-SAM with ADATS turret (fictional)

Hope you enjoy them, stay tuned for more!
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